Copy of Dana Chamblee Carpenter

Dana Chamblee Carpenter

Novelist, Book of the Just (Pegasus)

Dana Chamblee Carpenter is the author of The Bohemian Trilogy. The first book in the series, Bohemian Gospel, won the 2014 Killer Nashville Claymore Award and was short-listed for YALSA’s 2016 Alex Award. Publisher’s Weekly called it “a deliciously creepy debut.” Her second book, The Devil’s Bible, won the 2017 Silver Falchion Award for Best Novel. Publisher’s Weekly said: “Mouse is both strong and vulnerable, constantly struggling with the dark legacy of her father, her own powers, and her efforts to be a good person. This exciting, poignant novel continues the strong opening in Bohemian Gospel and leaves room for more in Mouse’s fascinating world.” The final book in the series, Book of the Just, is a finalist for this year’s Silver Falchion in Sci Fi/Fantasy. Chapter 16 called it “a wickedly good read.” Chamblee Carpenter teaches at a private university in Nashville, TN where she lives with her husband and two children.